Krępa Górna

Krępa Górna
Krępa Górna-saules-elektrines


60 kW

UAB Specprojektas

The 60 kW solar power plant installed on the roofs of the company's buildings will maximally satisfy the company's electricity needs. After a careful examination of the building...
99.99 kW

Mykolo Marcinkevičiaus ligoninė

On the roof of Mykolas Marcinkevičius Hospital, in the historical territory of Vilnius and the visual protection zone of Vilnius Old Town, we installed a 99.99 kW solar power pl...
500 kW

UAB Humana LT

Humana LT is a socially responsible company operating worldwide. Therefore reducing CO2 emissions is one of the goals of the company's long-term strategy. The 500 kW solar power...
50 kW

Klaipėdos Verdenės pradinė mokykla

The layout of the 50 kW solar power plant modules has been prepared with extreme care and after calculating all possible snow and wind loads. The building is for public use, so ...
20 kW

Kupiškio Obelėlės darželis

Work in the nursery was carried out during quarantine. Implementation was delayed due to the supply of materials, which was hampered by the current market situation and the cons...
250 kW

UAB LT Technologies

The successful and timely implementation of the project was not hampered by the country-wide quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic. Focused team of professionals, maximum efforts,...
700 kW

UAB Akvatera LT

13.68 kW

UAB N Technologijos (Paysera)

The solar power plant is installed on a modern building, thus improving the aesthetic image and brandi mage of the company. The power plant is installed neatly so that as many m...
220 kW

UAB Biofabrikas

660 kW

UAB Multimeda

The 660 kW power plant is distributed on 6 buildings. Three different mounting systems were used - mounting on a sloping tin roof, mounting on a flat bituminous roof with a sout...
260 kW

UAB Litana ir Ko

200 kW

UAB Granex

Like most new production or storage buildings, the company has a limited allowable load on the roof surface. Therefore, after evaluating the roof construction of each building, ...
560 kW

UAB FinnFoam

On a flat and new roof with little shading, the solar power plant is designed to produce the maximum amount of electricity. As with each of our projects, particular attention is...
300 kW

UAB Orion Global Pet (Indorama)

The 300 kW power plant is distributed over 6 buildings. Three different mounting systems were used: mounting on a pitched roof, mounting on a flat bitumen roof with East / West ...
250 kW

UAB Lyra Group

This power plant was implemented in two phases in duration of over one year. The second phase of the power plant was planned on a production building that was under construction...
200 kW

UAB Metalistas LT

Metalistas LT electricity consumption is distributed over two inputs, therefore, the generation of the PV system was also allocated to two areas. The PV power plant was construc...
150 kW

UAB Metalika LT

Metalika LT solar power plant will cover almost all yearly energy expenses of the company and will significally help save money. Eternia Solar paid extra attention to the safety...
100 kW

UAB Lietmeta

120 kW

UAB Bioenergy LT

50 kW

Pasvalys Riešutas school

1030 kW

UAB Šilalės mediena

Šilalės Mediena became owners of aground-mounted over 1 MW solar power plant. To connect the PV system to the grid more than 23 km of cables were used. The construction was held...
11.7 kW

UAB MTLT valdymas (Aibė)

500 kW

UAB Glass LT

Glass LT consumes a large amount of electricity during the production process. Therefore, planning a long-term sustainability strategy, the company used the EU support program "...
80.52 kW

UAB Jonavos šilumos tinklai

The 80.52 kW solar power plant will help the customer cover the current electricity consumption. The provided equipment guarantee will ensure that the power plant will operate e...
120 kW

UAB Ignetas

300 kW

UAB Medarvitas

The 300 kW solar power plant installed in the territory belonging to UAB Medarvitas will meet 100% of its electricity demand. For maximum power plant efficiency, the client choo...
800 kW


100 kW

AB Klaipėdos energija

600 kW

UAB Umega

876 kW

UAB Polivektris

Polivekris project posed a challenge of fitting the planned capacity of the PV system on the roof after an expertise that proved it unsuitable for the calculated loads. The comp...
500 kW

UAB Vilniaus pakuotė

UAB Vilniaus Pakuotė applies high ecological standards to its operations, so the decision to install a solar power plant was made to contribute to implementing its long-term sus...
1000 kW

UAB Stronglasas

Constructing a solar power plant on a vaulted roof is a complicated, expensive, and a technologically demanding project. Eternia Solar managed to gather experts in different sol...
70 kW

UAB Laivys

This solar power plant is designed to ensure that excess electricity supply to the grid is kept to a minimum. The solar power plant model has been prepared using the exact 3D mo...
1000 kW

AB Klaipėdos baldai

While working on this project, Eternia Solar put a lot of effort into distributing the 1000 kW capacity of the power plant to the areas where the demand for electricity is highe...
1389 kW

UAB Retal Lithuania

998.4 kW


998.4 kW


998.4 kW

Borek Czarniński

Borek Czarniński-saulės-elektrinės
998.4 kW


998.4 kW

Glinki Mokre

Glinki Mokre-saules-elektrines
998.4 kW


998.4 kW


998.4 kW

Konin Żagański 2

Konin Żagański 2-saules-elektrines
998.4 kW


998.4 kW


998.4 kW

Krościna Wielka

Krościna Wielka-saules-elektrines
998.4 kW


998.4 kW

Krępa Górna

Krępa Górna-saules-elektrines
998.4 kW


998 kW

Milewo Właściwe

Milewo Właściwe-saules-elektrines
998.4 kW


998.4 kW

Nowa Wieś Książęca

Nowa Wieś Książęca-saules-elektrines
873.6 kW


748.8 kW


998.4 kW


811.2 kW


998 kW


998.4 kW


998.4 kW


998.4 kW


16.7 kW

Žygaičių gimnazija

Tauragė district is one of the first in Lithuania to start the intensive implementation of renewable energy solutions. The gymnasium in Žygaičiai also did not miss the opportuni...
50 kW

Klaipėdos Ąžuoliuko darželis

20 kW

Kupiškio Saulutės darželis