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Implementation of solar energy projects of any capacity is a complex process and it is best to entrust experts with a proven track record in the industry to carry out your project. Overseen and executed by our team experts, your solar project will deliver the forecasted yield and the highest possible return of investment.

Eternia Solar team is here to provide high-level expertise in different project stages of your solar project:

Primary design and site studies

Each solar project begins with a thorough analysis of the requirements set by the project owner. Our experts closely analyze the desired deliverables and propose the most appropriate solution accordingly. Highly skilled project management and engineering teams will ensure that the proposed plans are compliant with the necessary standards and generate maximum return on investment.

Yield and PR assessments

Eternia Solar experts perform yield and performance ratio (PR) analysis that helps assess the project’s profitability. The analysis is a reliable basis for the business case of your renewable energy project.

Executive design and grid connection​

After the initial assessments are complete, the Eternia Solar team starts working on the executive design of the PV system. In this stage, we select all the necessary final components and create the construction design. Additionally, the team investigates the most efficient grid connection scenarios to assure uninterrupted energy generation.

Technical supervision

All stages of the project are supervised by experienced engineers who keep track of each phase of the project implementation and ensure that your subcontractor delivers the project in line with the contract specifications.


All documentation is continuously updated throughout the process of project development to reflect all changes or improvements made. Eternia Solar team assures that all information regarding the project is available to the client at any moment.



Our long-term procurement experience and strong supplier network guarantees successful project implementation.

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Eternia Solar offers extensive construction services, including full-scope construction, HSE and quality management, and site reporting.

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Operations and Maintenance

We provide professional technical asset management and maintenance services to ensure long-term smooth operation of the asset.

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