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About us

Leaders in comprehensive solar energy solutions

Eternia Solar is one of the most dynamic solar engineering, procurement, and construction providers in Europe. Working closely with the needs of our clients, we can customize strategies that bring long-term effectiveness for any energy demand. Our team of skilled experts caters to a wide range of solar needs: from planning energy effectiveness and implementing solar energy projects to ensuring efficient operation for years to come.


Up until 2020, Eternia Solar was known as I+D Energias Lietuva. In 2017, Lithuanian investment management company Sun Investment Group and I+D Energias established a joint venture I+D Energias Lietuva.

In 2020, I+D Energias Lietuva separated from I+D Energias and changed its brand name to Eternia Solar. After the rebranding, the company details remained the same.

The company has become one of the most active market players in the CEE region and currently boasts a large portfolio that includes the largest ground-mounted solar power plant in Lithuania and one of the largest rooftop power plants in the Baltics.

The company belongs to a group whose developed projects rank as the 40th largest PV portfolio in Europe.



years of international experience


MV installed PV capacity



Climate crisis

Climate crisis is by far the biggest challenge threatening the world today. Determined to make a significant impact in the fight against climate change, we put our best efforts to support the global energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources. Our company works towards making solar energy accessible for many businesses and investors around the world.

Our core values

Sustainability stands at the core of the company’s values and guides all of its decision-making. Nevertheless, Eternia Solar sees sustainability as an all-encompassing principle and thus aligns its work to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that a strong commitment to our planet will help us achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Our mission

Our experience guarantees the utmost engineering quality, return of investment, and seamless installation. Eternia Solar’s vast international background ensures that stages of project implementation (engineering, permitting, procurement, construction, and O&M services) are carried out professionally. Our process is efficient and transparent, and the team works closely with clients throughout every step of cooperation.


Eternia Solar has successfully adopted and certificated the integrated quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001), and occupation health and safety (ISO 45001) management systems. The company is constantly improving management processes, operates in a transparent way, and emphasizes the importance of the environmental protection, and improving employees‘ knowledge about health and safety.