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Developed by Sun Investment Group and constructed by Eternia Solar team, 10 solar projects are located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The 16,52 hectares were transformed into 10 projects with a capacity of 1 MW each. Covered by 22 060 solar ...
60 kW

UAB Specprojektas

The 60 kW solar power plant installed on the roofs of the company's buildings will maximally satisfy the company's electricity needs. After a careful examination of the building and assessing the customer's needs, a modern SolarEdge inverter and ...
99.99 kW

Mykolo Marcinkevičiaus ligoninė

On the roof of Mykolas Marcinkevičius Hospital, in the historical territory of Vilnius and the visual protection zone of Vilnius Old Town, we installed a 99.99 kW solar power plant. It will generate up to 80 MWh of electricity per year and cover ...
500 kW

UAB Humana LT

Humana LT is a socially responsible company operating worldwide. Therefore reducing CO2 emissions is one of the goals of the company's long-term strategy. The 500 kW solar power plant on the roof of the company will produce about 490 k. kWh of el ...
50 kW

Klaipėdos Verdenės pradinė mokykla

The layout of the 50 kW solar power plant modules has been prepared with extreme care and after calculating all possible snow and wind loads. The building is for public use, so the focus on security is special. This solar power plant will cover 4 ...
20 kW

Kupiškio Obelėlės darželis

Work in the nursery was carried out during quarantine. Implementation was delayed due to the supply of materials, which was hampered by the current market situation and the consequences of quarantine. The contract work was carried out in complian ...
250 kW

UAB LT Technologies

The successful and timely implementation of the project was not hampered by the country-wide quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic. Focused team of professionals, maximum efforts, and close cooperation of the client during the whole project brought ...
13.68 kW

UAB N Technologijos (Paysera)

This PV system was installed on the roof of a modern building in Vilnius. Following an engineering analysis, the solar panel array was arranged at the most efficient angle, and a maximum number of modules were installed. The adopted solutions ens ...