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Breakthroughs in battery technology have revolutionized energy storage. What once was an expensive technology used for small appliances, now has become a well-developed complex system, storing significant amounts of energy from renewable energy systems. With this technology becoming more reliable and affordable, even small-scale businesses can reap the numerous benefits of energy batteries in tandem with their renewable energy system.

Storing produced energy is especially apt for businesses for energy shifting or peak shaving services. When used in combination with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, energy storage solutions allow for convenient vehicle charging with green and low-cost energy.

Battery technology makes solar energy readily available when it is most needed. It provides a backup energy source and maximizes energy security. The technology allows making use of the energy generated during the night or to store it for more energy-intensive periods of the day. Finally, batteries may also be successfully paired with EV charging stations.

Key benefits

  • Reduce electricity cost by energy shifting or peak shaving 
  • Providing backup services 
  • May become a new revenue source in combination with EV charging 



Ground mounted solar systems and remote solar parks allow the lowest LCOE and generate a long-term stable income.

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A rooftop solar PV system effectively utilizes your company’s roof and transforms it into an energy-generating asset.

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Green energy for electric vehicles allows for truly sustainable transportation.

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A floating solar system efficiently makes use of unoccupied water surface.

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