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Remote solar parks

Remote solar parks serve as a solution for businesses seeking to harness solar energy without having to install a PV system of their own. When a company lacks the needed space or resources for a solar power plant, it may choose to invest in an already-built solar farm. In this way, it can still easily become a green energy consumer and earn steady dividends.

This solution is most suited for businesses that do not have available or suitable space to develop their PV projects.

The rapid global development of solar parks offers increasingly flexible opportunities to invest in solar energy without worrying about the installation process and maintenance of the systems.

Remote solar parks create the next generation of eco-conscious organizations and enterprises. Solar parks enable direct investment in solar projects and make solar energy consumption an effortless endeavor.

Key benefits

  • Easier process of acquiring solar energy
  • Perfect solution for small businesses without sufficient rooftop or land area.




Ground mounted solar systems and remote solar parks allow the lowest LCOE and generate a long-term stable income.

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A rooftop solar PV system effectively utilizes your company’s roof and transforms it into an energy-generating asset.

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Solar batteries provide system services like peak shaving or energy shifting and are best utilized when combined with renewable energy assets.

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Green energy for electric vehicles allows for truly sustainable transportation.

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A floating solar system efficiently makes use of unoccupied water surface.

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