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Project implementation process:

The process of adopting solar energy in your business does not need to be complicated. Business owners can trust experienced solar partners when going through all stages, from project design to implementation. Working in close collaboration with its clients, Eternia Solar makes sure to provide the best solar solution based on their needs and expectations.

The process of a business going solar:

If you are interested in solar solutions for your business, choosing a trustworthy and experienced solar partner is the key to a successful process. With many years of experience in handling the most versatile solar projects, Eternia Solar team works individually with every client’s needs and expectations. A strong collaboration between our solar experts and the client is vital in every step, from proposing the most suitable PV solution to fully implementing the project.

1. Choosing a solar contractor

Choosing a solar contractor is the most important step in the process. It is crucial that the company is licensed and has a wide range of experience in implementing various solar projects. A trustworthy solar contractor will make sure your project is carried out successfully from A to Z.

2. Determining the most suitable PV solution

A solar contractor performs a thorough analysis of the proposed site for the solar project and the client’s requirements. After the assessment, the contractor presents the most appropriate PV solution for the client.

3. Calculating the payback period and ROI

When the PV solution is confirmed, the solar contractor calculates the payback period and the return on investment (ROI) for the client based on the agreed project.

4. Signing the contract

If the proposed payback period and ROI meet the client’s expectations, the contract is signed between the two parties.

5. Implementing the solar project

Once the contract is signed between the client and the solar contractor, the project implementation process begins.

Project implementation process: 

The complete process of implementing a solar PV system comprises five main components, namely, engineering, permitting, procurement, construction, and maintenance (O&M). As an EPC contractor, Eternia Solar delivers all the services, and our clients can rely on our team throughout the process. Our competencies in O&M services ensure the longevity and productivity of your PV plant. The services can be booked separately too.  

1. Engineering

Eternia Solar provides a range of engineering services from yield assessments to executive design and technical supervision. See more.

2. Permitting

Our team is highly experienced in preparing all the essential permits and documentation; therefore, our clients do not need to worry about the complicated bureaucratic process.

3. Procurement

Our long-term procurement experience and strong supplier network guarantee successful project implementation. See more.

4. Construction

Eternia Solar offers extensive construction services, including full-scope construction, HSE and quality management, and site reporting. See more.

5. O&M services

We provide professional technical asset management and maintenance services to ensure the smooth long-term operation of the asset. See more.