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Floating solar parks utilize previously mostly unused domain – water surface. Solar panels mounted on secure floats are element-resistant and have several unique advantages. These types of projects are best suited for businesses and organizations that have access to water bodies, sandpits, or water reservoirs.

Deploying solar arrays on water brings both environmental and financial benefits. Solar panels cover the water surface, which reduces the process of water evaporation significantly. This is especially beneficial in regions with extremely hot temperatures. Also, providing shading to the body of water reduces its temperature and blocks UV light, resulting in improved quality of water for aquatic life. In return, the water cools down the solar panels and it allows them to operate more efficiently and generate even more electricity.

Due to high scalability, conservation of land, and positive impact on aquatic life, floating solar parks attract an increasing amount of attention.

Key benefits

  • Efficient use of idle bodies of water
  • Higher solar panel performance due to the cooling effect in the summer months
  • Reduced water evaporation



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