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This privacy policy outlines the conditions of processing of personal data of visitors of the website and other data subjects as well as the procedure for the exercise of the rights of data subjects. Personal data is processed by UAB Eternia Solar LT, Company Reg. No. 304521263, address of seat: Kauno St. 16, LT-03212 Vilnius, e-mail: (hereinafter the Controller).

The Controller may review and amend the privacy policy at any time, and we, therefore, recommend that you make sure on a regular basis that you are familiar with the updated (effective)version of the privacy policy. The date of publication of the updated (effective)version of the privacy policy is specified at the top of this webpage.

The personal data of the website visitors and other data subjects shall be processed pursuant to legislation and by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data.

The Controller shall only use the personal data which you provide or which the Controller collects based on your consent for the purposes specified in the privacy policy and shall not transfer the personal data for processing to other persons, except in cases specified in this privacy policy. In cases stipulated by law, your data may also be transferred to competent authorities. Other cases in which your personal data may be transferred to third parties (the Controller’s partners, data processors, etc.) shall be specified in individual sections of the privacy policy.

The website contains links to websites that are not owned by the Controller (e. g. The Controller shall not be liable for any privacy policies applied by such websites, and we, therefore, recommend you to be proactive and read privacy policies applied to a website to which you are redirected.



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We need the cookies on the website to be able to do the following:

The specifications of the cookies used by the Controller are provided in the table below.

The website also uses third-party cookies. Eternia Solar is the data processor of personal data collected by those third-party cookies. Data controllers of personal data collected by third-party cookies are Google and Mailer Lite. Accurate information about the functions of the cookies used by third parties and the personal data collected by the third parties can be found in the privacy policies of these third parties (e.g. the Google privacy policy, the Mailer Lite compliance policy) or by contacting the contact person of the respective third party that sends cookies.

You can find out what specific cookies were placed on your device after you visit the website by checking your browser settings. If you use the Google Chrome browser, information about the placed cookies can be viewed by clicking the button on the left of the address field.

Cookies placed during visits to the Controller’s fan pages on social media platforms

The Controller administers fan pages on FacebookLinkedIn (hereinafter the Fan Pages).

When you visit Fan Pages, the administrators of the social media platforms will place cookies on your device, and these cookies will collect your personal data. Cookies are placed on your device both in case you are a registered user of the respective social media platform and in case you do not have an account on the respective social media platform. The Controller does not have access to the collected personal data and only receives from the administrators of the social media platforms statistical information about visits to the Fan Pages.

To receive comprehensive information about your personal data processed for the purpose of administration of the Fan Pages, please familiarise yourself with the following:

You can restrict or block cookies by changing your browser settings. If you do not want websites to place any cookies on your device, change your browser settings in such a manner as to ensure that you are notified about cookie placement beforehand or that your browser blocks all cookies. You will have to adjust your settings for each browser of each of your devices.

If you block or restrict the use of cookies, you may be unable to avail of certain services or use certain functionalities of the website.

Comprehensive information about cookies and their operation principles and settings can be consulted online at

Communication tools

To be able to respond to your inquiry and save evidence of correspondence (in order to pursue the legitimate interest to ensure effective communication and prevent any disputes regarding the provision of services to persons), the Controller shall process the information that you provide:

The personal data provided together with inquiries and any subsequent correspondence between you and the Controller’s representative will be stored for a term required to accomplish the respective task and ensure the exercise of the rights of the Controller.

In case of sending an inquiry via Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, the personal data you provide may be disclosed to the social network managers and other individuals with whom Facebook and LinkedIn managers share personal data. For more information please read the privacy policies of Facebook and LinkedIn.

Your rights relating to the processing of your personal data shall be specified in the PROCEDURE OF THE EXERCISE OF THE RIGHTS section of the privacy policy.


The Controller processes the personal data of candidates to employees only for the purpose of employee selection and employment, implementing legitimate interest to evaluate a candidate’s suitability for the respective position.

In addition to the data provided by a candidate to employees, the Controller may collect and process in other ways other publicly accessible data of a candidate, related to qualifications, professional skills, and competencies, i.e. look for information on the Internet, check a candidate’s profiles on social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), etc. The Controller may also contact a candidate’s former employers specified in the candidate’s CV and (or) candidate’s social networks public accounts and ask such former employers to provide information about the candidate’s qualifications, professional skills, and competencies.

The Controller stores the personal data of a candidate, who participates in the Controller’s respective selection procedure, for 4 months from the end of the respective selection procedure. The term of storage of the personal data shall only be extended upon receipt of the candidate’s consent to process personal data. If consent to the further processing of a candidate’s personal data is not obtained, then, on expiry of the said term, all personal data of the respective candidate (both the data provided by the candidate and the data collected by the Controller) are deleted.

Your rights relating to the processing of your personal data shall be specified in the PROCEDURE OF EXERCISE OF THE RIGHTS section of the privacy policy.


All data subjects whose personal data the Controller processes shall enjoy the following rights:

In cases you exercise your rights by sending a written application by mail to the address of seat of the Controller, the application must be accompanied by a notarized copy of your ID document (passport, ID card).


Should you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us and request assistance:

UAB Eternia Solar LT Kauno St. 16, LT-03212 Vilnius Phone +370 602 81979 E-mail