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Freefield systems are ground-mounted solar power plants that were developed on a terrain that does not pose many challenges and does not have obstacles such as trees or pieces of infrastructure.

There are two types of free field PV projects:

Ground-mounted systems

This type of photovoltaic (PV) system consists of solar arrays constructed on open fields. Such systems offer relatively uncomplicated project development, construction, and easier maintenance.

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Remote solar parks

Rapid global development of solar parks offers increasingly flexible opportunities to invest in solar energy without having to be involved in the installation or maintenance of these systems. This creates even more opportunities to invest in solar energy and be part of a community that works towards the same goal – green power for society.

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A rooftop solar PV system effectively utilizes your company’s roof and transforms it into an energy-generating asset.

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Solar batteries provide system services like peak shaving or energy shifting and are best utilized when combined with renewable energy assets.

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Green energy for electric vehicles allows for truly sustainable transportation.

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A floating solar system efficiently makes use of unoccupied water surface.

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