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Additional Services

IR area picture with a drone

Aerial infrared (IR) photos allow experts to assess the quality of deployed solar panels and see if “hotspots” or “hot cells” are detected. Hot spots or hot cells are concentrated areas of high temperature on a solar panel caused by high resistance in the module structure or a malfunction of a single cell or cell string. Unaddressed hotspots damage solar cells and deteriorate their effectiveness.

Electroluminescence picture of modules

One of the most common approaches to perform quality analysis of solar panels is electroluminescence (EL) pictures. By analyzing these pictures, experts can determine the imperfections and other technical shortcomings of each panel. Defects such as poor soldering of contacts, cracks, or other manufacturing issues can be spotted in advance and solved before they significantly impact the project’s profitability.


Due to wear and tear or non-availability of the original components, it may be necessary to revamp the project after a certain period of time. A successful revamping project encompasses a detailed redesign, concept study, and a careful analysis of the current market to op for the best possible solution. Eternia Solar ensures that the project is back to normal and operates smoothly after the revamping.

Module cleaning per park-specific requirements

To retain the efficient operation of solar panels, it is necessary to clean them, especially in regions with an increased amount of particulate matter in the air that settles on solar panels. Eternia Solar team is here to provide you with professional module cleaning services.


Technical Asset Management





Eternia Solar provides a range of engineering services from yield assessments to executive design and technical supervision.

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Our long-term procurement experience and strong supplier network guarantees successful project implementation.

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Eternia Solar offers extensive construction services, including full-scope construction, HSE and quality management, and site reporting.

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Operations and Maintenance

We provide professional technical asset management and maintenance services to ensure long-term smooth operation of the asset.

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