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Ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems are solar arrays constructed on open fields on a fixed or tracked structure. Possible obstacles in the area such as trees, buildings, or other infrastructure must be considered in the design of the PV system.

Such systems offer a well-defined project development process, easier maintenance due to ease of access, and high-performance ratio values. The systems may be orientated in a way that guarantees maximum yields. A smart and professional design is necessary to achieve the most efficient implementation of the system.  

This solution is best suited for businesses that do not have sufficient available roof space for their solar power project needs. Many feed-in tariff or power purchase agreement (PPA) based projects are free field systems. Owners of unused land may choose to repurpose and convert it into an asset, generating green energy to be used or sold. It is a perfect solution for large-scale PV projects, especially in less urbanized environments with vast areas of available space.

Ground-based PV projects require a professional design and execution to ensure a smooth long-term operation. Solar arrays will transform the vacant land into an energy-generating source for at least 25-30 years. This is a long-term investment with guaranteed returns.

Key benefits

  • Reduce electricity cost by energy shifting or Easy to access and maintain
  • Higher yield due to possibility of using more optimal orientation
  • A great solution when the roof is not fit for the installation

Remote solar parks



Ground mounted solar systems and remote solar parks allow the lowest LCOE and generate a long-term stable income.

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