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Our company offers comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for every type of business. EV charging stations allow the rapid and efficient charging of an EV. Unlike regular power outlets, the EV charging stations draw significantly more power, and therefore, minimize the charging time.

EV charging stations are an excellent solution for businesses and organizations that use electric vehicles or plan to introduce EV charging as a service to third parties or employees.

Electric vehicle charging requires a considerable amount of energy; however, it works perfectly in tandem with solar energy. The solar PV system generates more than enough electricity needed during the daytime, and the battery system provides energy shifting services, allowing to utilize the electricity surplus at night.

This product can also be used to provide EV charging services for B2C clients. As the number of electric vehicles is ever-growing, more and more EV drivers will search for a convenient way to charge their cars on the way. Your business could be ready for this transition and harness renewable energy enabling people to travel quickly, safely, and sustainably.

Interested in combining your EV charging station with a solar PV system? Find out more about our PV solutions here.

Key benefits

  • Accommodating employees driving EVs  
  • Possibility to transfer company fleet into electric vehicles 
  • Providing EV-charging as a service to others 



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