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Rooftop solar power plants are mounted on top of various flat-surfaced or sloped rooftops. This type of installation is a popular solar solution, converting unutilized rooftop spaces into valuable assets that generate green electricity. Owning a rooftop PV system ensures greater independence and cuts the company’s electricity bills significantly. This solution is suitable for most businesses and is best for manufacturers and owners of large office spaces, where rooftops are vast and well-suited to develop solar projects.

What to consider before choosing to install a rooftop PV system?

A thorough professional visual and technical assessment of the roof is necessary before constructing the rooftop solar power plant. Technical assessment helps determine whether the roof can withstand the additional loads to the structure. Visual inspection is usually carried out by an EPC company via the use of a drone.

Key benefits

  • Efficient use of rooftop space
  • No additional soil sealing
  • Easier permit process



Ground mounted solar systems and remote solar parks allow the lowest LCOE and generate a long-term stable income.

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Solar batteries provide system services like peak shaving or energy shifting and are best utilized when combined with renewable energy assets.

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Green energy for electric vehicles allows for truly sustainable transportation.

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A floating solar system efficiently makes use of unoccupied water surface.

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