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Entire cycle of solar business

We work in close cooperation with our clients to ensure solar energy solutions that suit their needs best. We are fully committed to implementing long-term, efficiency-oriented PV systems of the highest quality

Solar solutions

Rooftop power plants

Large scale rooftop PV systems for commercial success

Rooftop solar power plants are the most popular among producers of renewable energy. We have constructed a number of rooftop solar power plants and adjusted them to serve the different needs of our clients operating in a variety of business sectors.

Ground mounted power plant

Solar power plants on the ground

When the roof is not suitable to support the PV system, we advise choosing a ground mounted solar power plant. Owners of such systems benefit from easier access for maintenance and higher efficiency due to more flexible placement and angle.


Best quality equipment

We only seek the finest quality. We work with the top-rated Tier 1 solar panel providers that guarantee excellence and long-term performance. Eternia Solar is also an official reseller of SolarEdge, the global leading PV inverter manufacturer. SolarEdge optimized (smart) solar systems increase the efficiency of the power plant by up to 25 percent.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M)


Solar power plants require regular maintenance to ensure their long-term smooth performance. A well-maintained power plant will work more efficiently and will last longer. You can trust Eternia Solar specialists with delivering best quality operations and maintenance of your solar power plant.

Our projects

International quality standards

Eternia Solar together with the company group has finished over 170 projects in Europe. Continuously growing, Eternia Solar is leading the energy revolution in the region.

Plant design services

PV design

Eternia Solar provides all types of solar power plant design services:

  • Rooftop solar power plant design;
  • Ground mounted solar power plant design;
  • Design and analysis of a solar park.

During all design stages, we take into account the different needs of our clients. Working closely with our clients helps us select the most effective solutions that guarantee the best results.

When designing a solar power plant on roofs, we always perform a detailed examination. The results help us offer the client the most optimal solution.

When designing ground mounted solar power plants, we help our clients obtain all the necessary permits.

In the design process, we perform production simulations using PVSYST (Switzerland) software. The customer is then informed about the planned production volumes, which allows to make sure that the designed device and the chosen solutions are matches their needs.


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