Remote Solar Solutions for Lithuanian Companies: Now Eligible for Financial Support

Solar energy is rapidly gaining pace among Lithuanian enterprises. Traditionally, solar solutions have been widely adopted by manufacturing companies as a way to cover a part of the electricity costs with energy produced in the facility. Lately, solar solutions have become attractive to businesses that are less dependent on energy: hotels, restaurants, offices, medical and other service providers.

A recent novelty in the market is targeted to the latter institutions. Companies that do not own a roof or land suitable for constructing a PV plant now has the access to remote solar solutions that allow to benefit from renewable energy without any hassle.

Two ways to use remote solar solutions

Since Autumn 2019, both individuals and companies have become eligible to use solar power produced at a remote PV plant or at a shared solar park.

If a company owns land suitable for mounting a PV plant, it can produce renewable energy in that area and use it at another location. In other cases, companies can buy a part of a shared solar park (or the whole park from its developers) and, in the same way, use the energy at a chosen facility. The developers of such park will assist in deciding what size of the PV plant is needed and will guarantee the base amount of yearly energy production.

Access to financial support

Until August 3rd, 2020, companies in Lithuania can apply for receiving APVA support for acquiring both private and remote solar power plants. Companies, eligible for the support, can receive up to 200 000 EUR and public institutions have the possibility to get up to 1 450 000 EUR to cover up to 30% of the solar power plant cost.

After receiving the support, enterprises will be committed to using the acquired solar power for 5 years, and later, if no longer operating, will be able to sell the PV plant or the part of the solar park.

Social responsibility and efficient saving

For quite some time, solar energy was considered to be a yet one more socially responsible step that business can add to their CSR strategy. Now, after the solar technology has advanced and the EU support for solar energy has gained pace, solar solutions are increasingly being chosen as a way to save money. Current owners of commercial PV plants can save up to 70% of money spent on electricity.


Remote solar power plant

Simple to acquire and easy to use

The benefits of solar solutions are not limited to saving money and acting sustainably. Important factor in choosing to own a remote solar power plant is flexibility. Remote PV plants allow changing the location of the facility which uses the produced electricity within Lithuania. Companies that choose to own a part of a remote solar park are also assured that the solar power plant will be constructed, maintained and disassembled once the guarantee period ends by the project developers.

There is an existing fear about losing resources and time when choosing the right solar solutions and learning about the technology. However, developers with the experience of building similar type of solar power plants can guarantee both the safety and efficiency of the PV solutions.

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