Eternia Solar is a leading solar EPC - Eternia Solar is a renewable energy construction company that covers the entire cycle of solar business from engineering to operations and maintenance.

Changing the game of solar

Working with clients from manufacturing, logistics, retail, real estate, agriculture, and other sectors, Eternia Solar is driving the next wave of solar with industry-leading equipment and smart solutions.
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UAB Retal, Lithuania, 1389 kW

Leaders in comprehensive solar energy solutions

Eternia Solar offers a full scope of services from engineering to operation and maintenance, therefore, we can ensure a successful implementation of the project from beginning to end.
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Nuna, Poland, 873,6 kW

A wide range of PV solutions

We customize strategies for any energy demand and propose the most suitable PV solution for the client, from free field PV systems to floating solar solutions.
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AB Ignitis group, Lithuania, 3 MW


Ground mounted solar systems and remote solar parks allow the lowest LCOE and generate a long-term stable income.

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A rooftop solar PV system effectively utilizes your company’s roof and transforms it into an energy-generating asset.

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Solar batteries provide system services like peak shaving or energy shifting and are best utilized when combined with renewable energy assets.

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Green energy for electric vehicles allows for truly sustainable transportation.

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A floating solar system efficiently makes use of unoccupied water surface.

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Eternia Solar provides a range of engineering services from yield assessments to executive design and technical supervision.

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Our long-term procurement experience and strong supplier network guarantees successful project implementation.

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Eternia Solar offers extensive construction services, including full-scope construction, HSE and quality management, and site reporting.

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Operations and Maintenance

We provide professional technical asset management and maintenance services to ensure long-term smooth operation of the asset.

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years of international experience


MV installed PV capacity




Eternia Solar is a leading solar EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) full-scope provider of comprehensive renewable energy solutions for business. The company is committed to providing innovative, high-quality solutions and offers wide-ranging O&M (operations and maintenance) services to ensure the long-term viability of the PV systems.

The company is an active market player in the CEE region. The company has implemented solar projects of a total of 31 MW capacity in Lithuania and is currently developing a total of 55 MW portfolio in Lithuania, Poland, and Cyprus. The company’s projects include more than 19 MW rooftop PV systems as well as free field systems on a multi-megawatt scale.

660 kW

UAB Multimeda

The 660 kW power plant is distributed on 6 buildings. Three different mounting systems were used – mounting on a sloping tin roof, mounting on a flat bituminous roof with a sout…
Eternia solar orientuotas saulės elektrinių projektas
1000 kW

AB Klaipėdos baldai

While working on this project, Eternia Solar put a lot of effort into distributing the 1000 kW capacity of the power plant to the areas where the demand for electricity is highe…
Saulės elektrinės ant AB Klaipėdos baldų stogo
300 kW

UAB Orion Global Pet (Indorama)

The 300 kW power plant is distributed over 6 buildings. Three different mounting systems were used: mounting on a pitched roof, mounting on a flat bitumen roof with East / West …
80.52 kW

UAB Jonavos šilumos tinklai

The 80.52 kW solar power plant will help the customer cover the current electricity consumption. The provided equipment guarantee will ensure that the power plant will operate e…
20 kW

Kupiškio Saulutės darželis

Bisol saulės moduliai naudojami ant darželio stogo
500 kW

UAB Glass LT

Glass LT consumes a large amount of electricity during the production process. Therefore, planning a long-term sustainability strategy, the company used the EU support program “…
Sutech saulės modulių projektas UAB Glass LT
250 kW

UAB Lyra Group

This power plant was implemented in two phases in duration of over one year. The second phase of the power plant was planned on a production building that was under construction…
Eternia solar paruoštas projektas 200kW galios
500 kW

UAB Humana LT

Humana LT is a socially responsible company operating worldwide. Therefore reducing CO2 emissions is one of the goals of the company’s long-term strategy. The 500 kW solar power…
Suntech saulės modulių elektrinės ant Humana LT stogo
70 kW

UAB Laivys

UAB Laivys solar power plant is designed to ensure that excess electricity supply to the grid is kept to a minimum. During the preparation of the project, a three-dimensional mo…
Eternia solar saulės elektrinės nuotrauka iš drono
50 kW

Klaipėdos Ąžuoliuko darželis

The implementation of this project required a detailed engineering analysis of the building structure. The analysis included calculations and estimates of possible added wind an…
Klaipėdos Ąžuoliuko darželis su saulės elektrinėmis
250 kW

UAB LT Technologies

The successful and timely implementation of the project was not hampered by the country-wide quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic. Focused team of professionals, maximum efforts,…
Eternia solar paruoštas projektas saulės energijai ant stogo
1389 kW

UAB Retal Lithuania

UAB Retal Lithuania strives to minimize the negative impact on the environment and invests in sustainable solutions in their production processes. This is what determined the co…
800 kW


800kW galios saulės elektrinės projektas
20 kW

Kupiškio Obelėlės darželis

Work in the nursery was carried out during quarantine. Implementation was delayed due to the supply of materials, which was hampered by the current market situation and the cons…
600 kW

UAB Umega

UAB Umega saulės elektrinės su aerocompact sistemomis
100 kW

UAB Lietmeta

The design of UAB Lietmeta solar power plant was based on the company’s energy consumption needs and the requirement that the PV system operates efficiently for at least 25 year…
Eternia solar įvykdytas saulės elektrinių projektas
13.68 kW

UAB N Technologijos (Paysera)

This PV system was installed on the roof of a modern building in Vilnius. Following an engineering analysis, the solar panel array was arranged at the most efficient angle, and …
Eternia pasirūpino, jog būtų išnaudota vieta, kad tilptų kuo daugiau modulių
16.7 kW

Žygaičių gimnazija

Tauragė district is one of the first in Lithuania to start the intensive implementation of renewable energy solutions. The gymnasium in Žygaičiai also did not miss the opportuni…
Saulės elektrinės ant Žygaičių gimnazijos stogo
220 kW

UAB Biofabrikas

220kW galios saulės elektrinių projektas
1000 kW

UAB Stronglasas

Constructing a solar power plant on a vaulted roof is a complicated, expensive, and a technologically demanding project. Eternia Solar managed to gather experts in different sol…
120 kW

UAB Bioenergy LT

As the roof of the company’s building was already in use for other installations, deploying standard equipment would have been relatively difficult and less efficient. As a resu…
Eternia solar skirtas projektas Bioenergy LT
11.7 kW

UAB MTLT valdymas (Aibė)

The solar power plant was installed on one of the buildings of the supermarket chain Aibė. Due to the store’s location within the visual protection zone of Vilnius Olde Town, th…
11.7kW galia skirtas saulės elektrinės
100 kW

AB Klaipėdos energija

This object is strategically important for the whole city of Klaipeda; therefore, the 100kW power plant is installed in compliance with the highest design standards and taking i…
AB Klaipėdos energija saulės elektrinės
1030 kW

UAB Šilalės mediena

Šilalės Mediena became owners of aground-mounted over 1 MW solar power plant. To connect the PV system to the grid more than 23 km of cables were used. The construction was held…
500 kW

UAB Vilniaus pakuotė

UAB Vilniaus Pakuotė applies high ecological standards to its operations, so the decision to install a solar power plant was made to contribute to implementing its long-term sus…
Eternia solar saulės elektrinės ant stogo
560 kW

UAB FinnFoam

On a flat and new roof with little shading, the solar power plant is designed to produce the maximum amount of electricity. As with each of our projects, particular attention is…
UAB FinnFoam saulės elektrinės ant stogo
50 kW

Pasvalys Riešutas school

50kW saulės elektrinės ant Pasvalio
260 kW

UAB Litana ir Ko

UAB Litana ir Ko saulės elektrinė was designed by splitting the electricity transmission across two on-site power connectors. The power output directed to one of the power conne…
200 kW

UAB Granex

Like most new production or storage buildings, the company has a limited allowable load on the roof surface. Therefore, after evaluating the roof construction of each building, …
150 kW

UAB Metalika LT

Metalika LT solar power plant will cover almost all yearly energy expenses of the company and will significally help save money. Eternia Solar paid extra attention to the safety…
150kW saulės elektrinių projektas UAB Metalika LT
60 kW

UAB Specprojektas

The 60 kW solar power plant installed on the roofs of the company’s buildings will maximally satisfy the company’s electricity needs. After a careful examination of the building…
Saulės elektrinių išdėstymas ant nedidelio stogo
120 kW

UAB Ignetas

Two aspects determined UAB Ignetas‘ decision to install a solar power plant. First, the company operates internationally, and its customers particularly value the company’s sust…
700 kW

UAB Akvatera LT

Suntech saulės modulių elektrinės ant žemės
200 kW

UAB Metalistas LT

Metalistas LT electricity consumption is distributed over two inputs, therefore, the generation of the PV system was also allocated to two areas. The PV power plant was construc…
Eternia solar saulės elektrinės per du įvadus
99.99 kW

Mykolo Marcinkevičiaus ligoninė

On the roof of Mykolas Marcinkevičius Hospital, in the historical territory of Vilnius and the visual protection zone of Vilnius Old Town, we installed a 99.99 kW solar power pl…
Mykolo Marcinkevičiaus ligoninės stogas su saulės elektrinėmis
50 kW

Klaipėdos Verdenės pradinė mokykla

The layout of the 50 kW solar power plant modules has been prepared with extreme care and after calculating all possible snow and wind loads. The building is for public use, so …
876 kW

UAB Polivektris

Polivekris project posed a challenge of fitting the planned capacity of the PV system on the roof after an expertise that proved it unsuitable for the calculated loads. The comp…
300 kW

UAB Medarvitas

The 300 kW solar module array installed on the Medarvitas site will meet 100% of its electricity needs. In order to maximize the efficiency of the solar power plant, Suntech Bif…
UAB Medarvitas 300kW galios projektas


All reviews

Thank you for the timely and quality work. Thank you for the advice on the progress of the work and the great attention paid to the work being done. We value your professionalism and responsibility. It was a pleasure to work together.

UAB LT Technologies |
250 kW
Vytautas Venckauskas, Technical Manager

Thank you to the team for their time and quality work, consultations and great attention. It was a pleasure to work together.

UAB Biofabrikas |
220 kW
Vyrautas Urbonavičius, Technical Director
UAB Stronglasas |
1000 kW
Andriejus Jakštas, CEO
UAB Vilniaus pakuotė |
500 kW
Darius Murauskas, CEO
800 kW
Raimundas Gražys, CEO

We are grateful for the professional approach and the unique situation of our company, in addition to the great and meticulous work done in designing, finding technical solutions, and installing the solar power plant. We are satisfied with the result. Thank you for the smooth cooperation, the work done quickly, and the constant care during the project. We hope that in the future we will still have opportunities to work together on the development of energy projects. We thank your entire great team for their friendliness and wish you success in future projects.

UAB Stronglasas |
1000 kW
Dainius Jacevičius, Energy Manager

Smooth and competent communication, meeting deadlines, and enforcing agreements. We are pleased to have chosen Eternia Solar.

UAB Humana LT |
500 kW
Audrius Juknevičius, Technical Director

We would like to thank you for the smooth implementation of the project, pleasant and positive communication, consultations, quick response to our requests. It was a great pleasure to work with you.

UAB Polivektris |
876 kW
Anastasija Bezborodych, CEO

From the commercial proposal submission to the summary of the final results, the cooperation went smoothly and very professionally. This team listens to the client’s needs and, at the same time, strives for the best result. We are satisfied with good communication and fluency.

Klaipėdos Ąžuoliuko darželis |
50 kW
Aušra Misevičienė, Deputy Director

We thank the Eternia Solar team for the smooth and high-quality implementation of the project and wish them success in their work.

UAB Šilalės mediena |
1030 kW
Daiva Jančauskienė, Senior Accountant

We thank the Eternia Solar team for their professional and high-quality work, detailed consultations, and pleasant cooperation. We strongly recommend this company to anyone who wants to become a sustainable business and use renewable solar energy in their activities.

UAB Laivys |
70 kW
Darius Laivys, CEO

Eternia Solar is an excellent partner in the implementation of solar energy projects. Thank you to the whole team for their quick response and professionalism in overcoming the challenges, business consultations, and work.

UAB Glass LT |
500 kW
Darius Pabijanskas, Technology and Innovation Manager

Great team focused on a customer, consulting. We felt professionalism during project management. We are happy about the quality. Everything was ready in time.

UAB Medarvitas |
300 kW
Darius Perstiniavičius, Director

A team of professionals from salesman to contractor. It was a pleasure to work together.

UAB Granex |
200 kW
Egidijus Gajauskas, Purchasing Manager

Thank you to the team for their time and quality work, consultations and great attention. It was a pleasure to work together.

UAB Metalika LT |
150 kW
Gintaras Bašinskas, General Manager

We confirm that Eternia Solar has handled the PV contract timely and properly; everything was performed under the contract conditions and legal requirements.

UAB Multimeda |
660 kW
Jevgenija Ručienė, Chief Financial Officer

We are grateful for the smooth cooperation, prompt work and constant attention during the project. We hope that we will still have opportunities to work together to develop energy projects in the future.

UAB Umega |
600 kW
Jonas Vinauskas , Head of the Energy Mechanical Department

We are grateful for the smooth cooperation, prompt work, and constant attention during the project. We hope that we will still have opportunities to work together to develop energy projects in the future.

Mykolo Marcinkevičiaus ligoninė |
99.99 kW
Kęstutis Smolenskas, Head of the Agricultural Engineering Department

Eternia Solar solved the problems professionally, consulted on each action, worked transparently, responsibly and neatly. The employees who work are competent – experts in their field. Glad I had to get to know and work on the project. I think both sides have benefited from the experience, which can be applied in future work.

UAB Lyra Group |
250 kW
LLC, Vytautas Undraitis, Head of the Technical Department

Thank you for the smooth implementation of the project, prompt and constructive problem solving, consultations and the personal attention. It was a pleasure to work together.

AB Klaipėdos baldai |
1000 kW
Mantas Jankauskas, Energy Expert


Eternia Solar is committed to making a true impact on the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources. Sustainability stands at the core of the company’s values and guides all of its decision-making. Nevertheless, Eternia Solar sees sustainability as an all-encompassing principle and thus aligns its work to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that a strong commitment to our planet will help us achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.
Sustainability cannot be just a phase, it must become a lifestyle. I am happy that for the Eternia Solar team, solar power is not an area of work, it is a state of mind. We see renewable energy as a road towards a cleaner and greener future. Our team has been going down this road for more than ten years now. We use our experience to turn our clients’ social responsibility into sustainable growth. It is empowering to see how green aspirations strengthen both: businesses and nature.

– Robert Pfatischer, Head of Engineering of Eternia Solar
Robert Pfatischer, Head of Construction and Engineering of Eternia Solar


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Eternia Solar Introduces Operation and Maintenance Services
When starting your sustainable solar energy journey, it is essential to remember that investing in a solar power plant is just the first step. After installing a solar power plant or park, it is necessary to ensure that the project continues to operate as smoothly as possible. At Eternia Solar, we understand the significance of ensuring your solar projects operate at their best, delivering optimal efficiency and a substantial return on investment. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of operation and maintenance services that are not only essential but also tailored to meet your specif…
Intersolar Europe 2022 highlights
On May 11-13, Intersolar Europe, the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry, welcomed thousands of solar professionals from across Europe to showcase and discuss the newest developments in solar technology. With Europe’s ever-stronger focus on renewables, the market is rapidly growing and presenting new ways to make solar even more efficient and accessible for all. Members of Eternia Solar and Sun Investment Group procurement, construction, engineering, human resources, and O&M teams attended the exhibition to learn more about the newest solar trends, opportunities, and innov…
Amber Grid saves more than EUR 45,000 this year by starting its own electricity production
Amber Grid, the Lithuanian gas transmission system operator, has been making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of electricity it purchases, not only to reduce the cost of electricity, but also to make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions in its day-to-day operations. The company’s 1.5 megawatt (MW) solar power plants help it to achieve these goals, and this year alone they have supplied its facilities with more than EUR 45,000 worth of green electricity, saving 190 tonnes of CO2 since their commissioning. The solar plants are expected to save around 50% of the …
Good deeds continue: Eternia Solar LT congratulates its clients and donates to the Ancient Woods Foundation
Although 2021 was full of challenges, together with our purposeful clients and professional partners, we implemented what we had planned. It is the continuity of work that allows us to achieve goals and the best results. Therefore, we carry-on not only our projects but also our good deeds. For the second year in a row, we are donating to the Ancient Woods Foundation as a holiday season gift to our clients and partners. Ancient Woods Foundation takes care of the preservation of old, mature forests. Although neat and orderly forests might seem more familiar to our eyes, nature has its own und…
“Intersolar Europe 2021”: the key takeaways
On October 6–8, solar energy experts gathered at the “Intersolar Europe 2021” event in Munich. Intersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry. It takes place as part of The smarter E Europe – the continent’s largest platform for the energy industry. The Eternia Solar team went to the exhibition to learn about innovations firsthand, and now Benedikt Peters and Felix Jetter are sharing leading insights from there. 1. New, newer, and newest The “Intersolar Europe” is a valued platform for visitors to learn about innovations firsthand and discuss the latest developme…
Eternia Solar general contractor of 24 MW portfolio in Poland
Eternia Solar is about to complete a 24 MW portfolio in Poland. The portfolio is owned by Sun Investment Group (SIG). Eternia Solar highlights that they are fortunate to be a part of SIG and to get a chance to become General Contractors of such projects.  This portfolio uses more than 46 hectares of land. Portfolio projects are located over several Poland voivodeships. But if we were to count them as a solid area, it could fit more than five Narodowy Stadiums in it. The portfolio consists of 24 projects. Almost a third of the portfolio is located in the Lubusz Voivodeship. Another part…
Strategic procurement professional Benedikt Peters joins Eternia Solar
Open-minded, very ambitious, and a team player at the same time – this is how Benedikt Peters describes himself. Please meet our new Head Of Procurement at Eternia Solar:  professional with 11 years experience in solar together with the team will be overseeing purchases of all components for PV systems. For the last three years, Benedikt Peters worked at one of the biggest EPC solar companies in Europe. Here, he managed supplies for PV projects with a total capacity of over 400MW. Before that, Benedikt worked seven years for a company with main focus on residential and small companies …
Nowa Kopernia: Eternia Solar is implementing 2 MW solar power project in Szprotawa, Poland
Eternia Solar has started the construction of Nowa Kopernia solar power plants of 2 MW capacity located in the municipality of Szprotawa, Poland. The project is owned by Sun Investment Group (SIG), and its construction is executed by Eternia Solar, the General Contractor. These solar projects are expected to save around 2054 tons of CO2 emissions per year and supply up to 650 households with electricity annually. “This project is unique because of its coherence with the local community. The photovoltaic farm is located near the households; therefore, the construction team is building the pr…
Donation to the Ancient Woods Foundation will allow preserving 1 hectare of ancient forest
We are happy that in recent years we have implemented many successful projects in the solar power field. We are grateful not only to our partners and suppliers but also to nature and the Sun, which allow us to work with renewable energy. Since nature is so supportive of us, we decided to be even more supportive towards nature and take care of Lithuania’s flora and fauna. Once we started to delve into the situation, we saw that it is quite complicated. Solar energy is renewable, but forests do not renew so easily. It takes a long time for individual trees to become a forest, and it takes at …
Eternia Solar as a general contractor for 10 MW solar power projects in Gardno, Poland
Eternia Solar has started the construction of solar power plants of 10 MW capacity in total in Gardno, Poland. The projects are owned by Sun Investment Group (SIG), and Eternia Solar operates as General Contractor. The vast area of 16,52 hectares will be transformed into a renewable electricity generating field, covered by 22,060 solar modules. These solar projects will save around 10 023,91 tons of CO2 emissions per year and will be able to supply as many as 3,174 households with electricity annually. “Executing these projects requires a highly skilled team to overcome the site diffic…
Marcin Tęcza joins Eternia Solar as a Team Lead EPC Project Management
Well-experienced industry professionals keep joining the international Eternia Solar team. We are proud to introduce Marcin Tęcza as our new Team Lead EPC Project Management. Together with the whole team, he will be managing the construction of the PV projects pipeline. Marcin has graduated from Łódź Technical University and holds an engineer’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s degree in Electrical Power Engineering. Besides his strong academic background, Marcin also distinguishes himself as an experienced professional. He has taken up many different roles in the energy secto…
Eternia Solar welcomes a new O&M expert
Our international team is growing faster than ever and we are more than happy to introduce our new Operations and Maintenance (O&M) expert, Evangelia Koritsa. O&M is crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of a PV plant. Evangelia joins the team to ensure that all of our O&M processes run smoothly, guaranteeing long-term high performance of our PV systems. The new O&M expert describes herself as an open-minded and friendly person, passionate, and always looking for the next challenge. When asked about what led her to choose Eternia Solar as her new employer, she sa…
Eternia Solar to install 1.4 MWp solar power plants for a Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid
Last week, Eternia Solar signed a contract with a Lithuanian gas transmission system operator Amber Grid for the construction of PV systems. Based on the agreement, Eternia Solar will install solar power plants of a 1.4 MW total capacity on Amber Grid-operated facilities by 2021. Both rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems to be built on Amber Grid property will boast cutting-edge technologic solutions that will position them among the most advanced in Lithuania. Two PV systems of 500 kW and one of 450 kW will be constructed in the following Amber Grid territories: Gudelių street (Vilnius), …
EU funding available for companies and institutions opting for solar energy in Lithuania
The Environmental Projects Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania (APVA) has launched funding opportunities to support businesses and organizations choosing renewable energy solutions. The applications for the financial grant are now open and will last until December 31, 2020. APVA funds for solar PV implementation in public, industrial and other constructions. Private companies and public institutions are invited to submit an application to receive financial support for a solar power plant installation. The total amount of funds allocated…
Eternia Solar Constructed the Largest Solar Power Plant in the Baltic Region
Eternia Solar has executed the largest solar project in the Baltic region. Company’s experts have engineered and constructed a 3 MW solar power plant in Elektrėnai municipality. Together with a previously built 1 MW PV system in the area, it now amounts to the largest solar park in the Baltic states with a total capacity of 4 MW. The project has been executed in collaboration with the solar park owners “Ignitis grupė”. The overall land area of the PV plant is 5.5 HA. Almost 10 000 PV panels have been installed throughout the site. It is expected that the solar power plant will generate up t…
Rooftop solar power plants for organizations. What should you know and how to receive financial support?
Rooftop solar power plants are the top choice among producers of renewable energy. The popularity of the solution was earned rightfully: part of the price of the power plant in Lirhuania can be covered by the APVA or LVPA support, it does not require owning land, and the produced electricity can cover up to 70% of annual electricity consumption of the organization. Companies or institutions that decide to install a rooftop PV plant go through similar stages of preparation: they have to assess the condition of the roof, approve the project together with the contractors and choose the most su…
Remote Solar Solutions for Lithuanian Companies: Now Eligible for Financial Support
Solar energy is rapidly gaining pace among Lithuanian enterprises. Traditionally, solar solutions have been widely adopted by manufacturing companies as a way to cover a part of the electricity costs with energy produced in the facility. Lately, solar solutions have become attractive to businesses that are less dependent on energy: hotels, restaurants, offices, medical and other service providers. A recent novelty in the market is targeted to the latter institutions. Companies that do not own a roof or land suitable for constructing a PV plant now has the access to remote solar solutions th…


Eternia Solar has successfully adopted and certificated the integrated quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001), and occupation health and safety (ISO 45001) management systems. The company is constantly improving management processes, operates in a transparent way, and emphasizes the importance of the environmental protection, and improving employees‘ knowledge about health and safety.

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